Doctor Who Fans Unite is a group of people who love the Doctor in all of his various forms. Regardless of whether you are only fan of the older series or the new or even if you are only a Torchwood fan, this is the group for you. We are dedicated to anything and everything related to The Doctor.

We welcome anyone with an interest in Science Fiction and Fantasy. Our group meets on a monthly basis. We discuss, watch and debate all aspects of the Who Universe.

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We are also a Nonprofit Corporation registered with the state of Texas. Doctor Who Fans Unite has been created to bring together fans of the long time running television show Doctor Who. We have united ourselves with the common interest of the show and now, in following with the beliefs of the main character, our mission is to serve the community as a group.

We participate in various charitable events, such as walks, telethons etc. We raise money for established charities and causes as Doctor Who Fans Unite, thus helping others while promoting awareness of our group. We will accept monetary contributions that are designated for established charities.  Click here for more info on our nonprofit endeavors.


Look for us at various upcoming conventions in 2014


Comicpalooza just announced that not only will Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann be attending the convention in Houston May 23-26, but Peter Davision will also be there as well!  This is a rare chance stateside to see all the living Classic Who Doctors at once, save, of course, Tom Baker.
In addition to Doctors Five through Eight, they will also have John Barrowman (who I would be excited to see all by himself) and Neve McIntosh who plays Madame Vastra, and James Masterson who, among his many geek credits, appeared in Torchwood.  (Sorry, I know he’s been in tons more noteworthy things, but I’m DW focused, here.)

In addition, they offer a Time Lord VIP pass, in advance only, for $235, which includes the following:

  • Autograph for Colin Baker
  • Autograph for Sylvester McCoy
  • Autograph for Paul McGann
  • Autograph for John Barrowman
  • Half hour early entry to the exhibit halls
  • Priority seating at Doctor Who-related panels and Q&As (this is not reserved seating; it is first-in-line priority)
  • Line jump for autographs and photo ops for Doctor Who guests.

(Peter Davison is not included because he was a late addition to the program, but guys- really! This is still a great deal as it is, as it’s only $8 more per day than the regular VIP Pass at the door.)

This is a totally volunteer, fan-run, non-corporate convention, and they’re taking a big chance on including so many Doctor Who guests and we need to make this as successful as possible for them.  These guys spend months- years, even- of their lives planning and organizing this, and they don’t make a penny from it.  They want to make this a Doctor Who friendly event with a proven track record of bringing in crowds so that in the future, they can point to their success and prove that an audience exists for DW in order to bring in more New Who guests.  Let’s prove to them that the audience exists stateside outside LA and the corporate conventions so that we can enjoy more DW guests locally.

Doctor Who Fans Unite will be there and we’ll be bringing our TARDIS as well as hosting three panel discussions on Doctor Who.  Come and bring your talents, your comments and contribute to the discussion.